One man is under arrest, and police say there could be more arrests coming


MANSFIELD -- The death of a 3-month-old baby boy took a surprising twist when Mansfield police found a meth lab inside the infant's home.

One man is under arrest, and police say there could be more arrests coming.

Investigators say that the mother took the baby to OhioHealth MedCentral, but he was pronounced dead on arrival.

News of the child's death is spreading along West Fourth Street.

"I'm surprised. I'm really surprised," said neighbor Albert Twyman.

Twyman has lived across the street from where the baby died for almost two decades.

He says he had no idea what was going on inside the home. He said he didn't notice any unusual activity.

"They pretty much kept to themselves," said Twyman. "The children played outside, and that was it."

While police were investigating the child's death, they stumbled onto a meth lab upstairs.

They had to evacuate immediately, not knowing what volatile chemicals were inside.

"For safety of all those involved we retreated from the residence and detectives from the METRICH drug task force and Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation neutralized the meth lab," said Sgt. Doug Noblet with the Mansfield Police Department.

Police don't know if the lab contributed to the baby's death.

Police arrested 29-year-old Alexander Dickson for making drugs and possessing the chemicals to make them.

The neighbor next door -- who didn't want to be identified -- feels bad about the family's loss.

She is also angry that there was a suspected meth lab just feet away from where her children sleep.

"It's sad. I have kids, and it's sad that something could take place so close to kids in the neighborhood, and it could blow up anytime. They have kids, newborns around here, and it's just sad," she said.

The medical examiner is doing an autopsy to help give them an idea of what caused the infant's death.

There were three other children inside the home, and they are now in foster care.

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