TOLEDO – Mayor Michael Collins has decided to keep the city's water ban in place saying early morning testing was "too close for my comfort."

The Ohio EPA and the US EPA both tested the water and found the system to be safe, but the most recent test contained a few anomalies.

"This is a very difficult decision," Collins says. "I am not going to isolate part of the city so therefore I've instructed our people to re-sample and re-test, because I'm not going to take any chances with this community's well-being and health."

The mayor went on to say he wants to find out why those areas came back as outliers.

Meanwhile, those living there have been buying up bottled water and depending on shipments of the H2O from Cleveland and the National Guard.

The water ban in Toledo, Ohio stretched into its third day after tests showed there are still toxins in the water supply for some neighborhoods. Toledo officials believe the toxin is likely from algae on Lake Erie. VPC

All of this is because of algae blooms in Lake Erie that have created a toxin contaminating the water.

The Cleveland Water Department and Avon Lake Regional Water both say they're not experiencing any problems, but continue to monitor their supply.

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