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It was likely no coincidence that, at last year's Emmy Awards, it was Robin Williams who appeared in the In Memoriam segment to pay tribute to the man he called his mentor -- Jonathan Winters.

At that time, mo one could have imagined that, less than a year later, it will fall to someone else to make a tribute to the 63-year-old.

Although we aren't sure what will be done, executive producer Don Mischer said the show's segment is "in discussion," according to USA Today.

"While we are all still coming to terms with this week's tragic news, we are working to give Robin Williams the proper and meaningful remembrance he so well deserves," Mischer said, in a published statement.

The 66th annual Emmy Awards will air Aug. 25 live on NBC.

You may only remember Williams from his movies or his appearances on late night talk shows. You may remember him from the 1978 TV series "Mork & Mindy" with co-star Pam Dawber, spun off from another TV appearance.

But if you really are old -- I'm just being funny -- you will remember him as an alien in a guest appearance -- Mork from the planet Ork -- on an episode of "Happy Days."

I know when I heard the news of his death I was in the newsroom. My first thought and word was "Shazbot," Mork's mild swear word. Half of the people in the newsroom only knew of his movies -- brilliant though they were. They had no idea what Na-Nu, Na-Nu meant and they sure as heck didn't know what Shazbot was.

Ask someone what their favorite Williams movie was and you will get dozens of answers. Mine was "The Birdcage" and "Good Morning, Vietnam."

Just remember, you need to forget how he died and understand what led up to his suicide -- depression. If his death saves one person, that would be a good thing.

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