RAVENNA, Ohio -- Dozens of Portage County Residents are fighting a possible Missile Defense System in their backyards.

Camp Ravenna is one of four sites around the county that the Department of Defense is considering. Other are located in Maine, New York and Michigan.

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Mary Tabather has lived in Portage County for more than 40 years. Like a lot of concerned residents who taped a symbolic target to their shirts, Mary is concerned for her safety.

"The fact that they want to put a missile defense system right here means that all of our enemies will put a big X-mark right on us," said Tabatcher.

The 21,000 acres site was once the Ravenna Arsenal where more weapons were produced during WWII than any other plant in the U.S.

The Department of Defense is in the beginning phase of studying everything there - from the geology of the land to the soil and even housing, transportation and culture of the town.

"If we were to deploy this system and Camp Ravenna were chosen, the people who would operate the system would most likely be a part of the community," said Lt. Col. Chris Snipes with the PM Conus Interceptor Site.

Residents walked around an open house at the high school to learn more about the system. Most say it did not ease their safety concerns.

"When countries around the world are interested in harming us learn that we have a military installation here, we will be on their list," said opponent Mary Greer.

As for Tabatcher, she says enough is enough. "At some point we are going to have to grow up and realize that we are not going to be able to control and dominate the whole world."

The studies could take two years.

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