She was accused of approaching pregnant women at Summa Akron City Hospital and asking them their due dates.


AKRON -- Summa Protective Services at Akron City Hospital arrested and charged Stephanie Beasley, 32, of Akron, with criminal trespassing after she was accused of appraoching pregnant women at Summa Akron City Hospital and asking them their due dates, making them feel "uncomfortable," police said.

According to Akron Municipal Court records, a complaint was filed against Beasley March 18 after she was removed from Summa Akron City Hospital.

Beasley was arrested by Summa Protective Services, the hospital's private police department, in March.

She had entered the Summa Akron City Hospital campus for a third time within a week after being warned to stay away, according to Akron Municipal Court records.

Beasley was charged with criminal trespassing and has a case status hearing on May 5 before Judge Julie A. Schafer, according to court records. Schafer also ordered a competency evaluation for Beasley.

Summa Health System released a statement Friday:

"We are familiar with the person in question, and can confirm we filed a criminal trespass complaint against her on March 18, but will not comment further on ongoing police investigations. I can assure you, though, that the health, safety and security of our employees, our patients and their families are of paramount importance at Summa Health System, and we will do everything necessary to ensure their ongoing safety."

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