AKRON -- LeBron James' Bath area home is always under a 24/7 watch from off-duty Bath Police officers. But this week, they're not the only ones on lookout.

"I don't know what we're all doing out here, to be honest with you," said Jay Ventura, who came with a group of friends to sit outside the mansion on Idlewood Drive. "This is just something I'll never forget."

Restless for an answer, many in Akron are staking out the Kingdom for any sign of where James might choose to play his next NBA season.

"I'm hoping for the King to come home. That's what I'm hoping for," said Ryan Freeman.

"I think he's coming back. I know for sure he's coming back," said Marty Lee.

Others weren't so sure. "Anything could happen. He's in Las Vegas right now or wherever he's at with this camp and I feel like he has a lot of things on his mind so, he might be as unsure as we are right now," said Todd Williams.

LeBron James' 35,000 square foot palace is even building it's own following. A parody Twitter account with the hashtag @LeBronsLawn has been retweeted more than 4,000 times: "You all need to get off me."

Not everyone here is a fan. "I didn't burn a jersey per se, but if I had a jersey, I would have burned a jersey," said Levi Grimm.

And not everyone wants to see him come back. "They kind of disrepected him when he left, so I don't think it would be a great move for him," said Stephen Beasley.

But many think he'd play for the Cavs for the chance to live here, just miles away from where his fame began. It could help him keep his "I Promise" mission.

"He made a promise to Akron, Ohio to always give back to the community and a promise to basically never forget the city," said Terry Moorer. "I'm a LeBron fan. Wherever he goes, II'll support him. Because he's from Akron. I'm from Akron."

"I don't think that he would ever have a fanbase that's more true than what he has here," agrees Jennifer Hutchinson.

They want LeBron James to take this as a sign of their devotion.

"We're the most loyal. We might have been upset when you left us, but we want you home. We're still here for you. We're outside your house waiting for you and you're not even here," said Ventura.

LeBron's camp ended this afternoon in Vegas, but there's no indication he's headed back to Akron. He is expected to travel next to Brazil for Sunday's World Cup.

July 10, 2014: LeBron's hometown ready for his return WKYC-TV

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