AKRON -- Police say several police cruisers were damaged as two events -- Sherman Fest and Sumnerfest -- got out of control Saturday night. This is near the University of Akron.

Around midnight on Saturday night, multiple police units from the Akron Police Department and the University of Akron Police responded to the area of Sherman Street, Allyn Street, Kling Street and East Exchange Street for several parties that got out of control.

A larger event in the same area called Sumnerfest was promoted through Facebook and other social media outlets. What the event schedulers and promoters thought would attract a couple thousand, attracted about 4,000 partygoers by the time police were called to close down the event.

While police were trying to evacuate the area of partygoers, a few partygoers started throwing bottles at the officers and cruisers. Officers eventually used CS smoke and OC spray to disperse the crowds or to break up fights at various locations in the area.

Several cars were damaged, including one that was tipped over on its side, in the 600 block of Sherman Street.

Officers arrested Donileo Cannon II, 26, of Akron. He was charged with molesting police property after he threw a beer bottle then kicked a parked Akron Police cruiser, leaving a large dent. The cruiser was parked on Irisdale Place and Allyn Street.

Richard Lanning, 21, and Vandale Evans, 30, both of Akron, were charged with burglary and obstructing official business after they were observed entering a residence in the 400 block of Sherman Street and taking several items belonging to the resident.

They fled the residence before officers arrived. Witnesses gave officers the suspects' descriptions and they were located within minutes.

Lanning and Evans still had the victim's property.

Overall, about a dozen individuals were arrested related to the Sumnerfest party.

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