CLEVELAND -- Today the Ways 2 Save Daily Slash comes to a close for the week at 90% off. We started at 50% off the deals you requested on Monday and now the grand finale and a reduction most of you may not have seen before.

Due to the extreme markdowns below, there is a chance of a server crash or sellouts. If you see what you like, despite a lot of stock, I'd move quickly.

This was a week that would not have been possible without the extreme work and dedication of Ways 2 Save confidants Katie and Julia, and Ways 2 Save producer Vince. It also would not have been possible without any of you, the Ways 2 Save site visitors and the people who keep us employed by watching the morning show. THANK YOU.

88% off Sony Headphones + $100 gift card with free shipping

Was: $120
Now: $14.99

**When you take shipping into account, this deal qualifies for 90% off -- no I'm not stretching.

Why I'm excited: 348 reviews of 4.1 out of 5 star from Amazon (at the time of writing). Arguably better than the free ear buds that come with your iPod, iPhone or MP3 player, these Sony headphones are solid with a decent amount of bass for the price. The "was" price takes into account the value of the gift card as well. While the headphones are dropping across the country today to make room for next year's stock, this is the best deal anywhere since it incorporates the gift card and free shipping. Headphones originally sold for $30, then were reduced to $20 before today's sale.

And finally, for the folks that have emailed me for Men's and Women's Fitness magazine, to stay healthy and get further more in shape for the summer, here are two other fantastic 90% off deals.

94% off 1-year subscription Shape Magazine + free shipping

Coupon code: 57429

Was: $59.88
Now: $3.50

Why I'm excited: Look at the price! No hidden fees, no automatic renewals.

90% off 1-year, 10 issues of Men's Fitness Magazine + free shipping

Was: $39.90
Now: $3.99

Coupon code: 54784

Why I'm excited: Look at the price! No hidden fees, no automatic renewals.

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