CLEVELAND -- Mayor Frank Jackson and his supporters are declaring victory and claiming a third term.

Unofficial results show Jackson winning by a large margin, 66% to 34%, over challenger, businessman, Ken Lanci.

Results: November 2013 Election Results

Jackson's team celebrated its victory party at Sterle Hall on Cleveland's near East Side.

Lanci's campaign event was at the Masonic Auditorium. There was advance word that most media would be excluded because of Lanci's view his campaign never got sufficient or fair coverage. He asked a Channel 3 camera to leave.

The mayor had overwhelming support from business, civic and political leaders.

Lanci courted disenchanted residents who feel they are not sharing in downtown-focused development.

Jackson's expected to renews his pledge to spend the next four years taking existing programs and plans to the next level.

He intends to closely oversee the school transformation plan, continued downtown and new lakefront projects and to spread wealth and jobs out to the neighborhoods.

Lanci argued Jackson failed to deliver on his eight years of promises to upgrade schools, create jobs and improve safety.

Third terms have proved problematic and disappointing for Cleveland mayors of late, but Jackson believes the city has momentum and is on the verge of advancing to a new level of success over the next four years under his continued leadership.

Tuesday's vote may also decide whether the mayor gets as much cooperation from City Council as he's used to.

The body is shrinking from 19 to 17 members because of population loss.

Council President Marty Sweeney has laid the groundwork to step down from his post, hoping to hand it off to successor Kevin Kelley.

But the outcomes of several council races will decide if the body continues to give wholesale support to the mayors' plans and proposals or plays a more aggressive check-and-balance role.

Whatever change is council leadership happens, it's expected to occur soon.