CLEVELAND -- City Council has elected a new leader for its term starting next year.

Old Brooklyn Councilman Kevin Kelley, the hand-picked choice of the man he succeeds, eight-year President Marty Sweeney.

Some perceive Kelley as perhaps a younger version of Sweeney. But Kelley told the gathering "I am not Marty Sweeney" and promised there will be change in committees and enforcement of attendance rules.

Outspoken council members Mike Polensek and Jeff Johnson sparked some tension, telling the body and Kelley that there needs to be more transparency and respect between members in the body's future dealings.

Both singled out Kelley for his role the recent redistricting that reduced the city from 19 to 17 wards because of population loss.

Kelley pledged he will propose an "aggressive, progressive legislative agenda."

The move enables Sweeney to collect an earned pension and become a so-called "double dipper" without as much political blowback if he so chooses.

Council Clerk Pat Britt was re-elected.

Councilman Zack Reed was not in attendance because of court hearing in his drunken driving case held at the same time.

All 17 council members who won on election day are incumbents.