The Cleveland Browns have their work cut out for them Sunday at home against the Pittsburgh Steelers and Monday at city council


CLEVELAND -- The Cleveland Browns have their work cut out for them Sunday at home against the Pittsburgh Steelers.

And after the real football, they have their work cut out for them playing political football at Cleveland City Council.

On Monday, the Browns and Mayor Frank Jackson hope to convince council to pass the tentative stadium improvements deal.

The Browns would ultimately pick up $90 million of the $120 million price tag for a supersized new scoreboard, new sound system, more escalators, and relocating more seats to the lower bowl.

The city would kick in $30 million over the long haul. That's $2 million a year for 15 years coming out of the general fund.

"What it boils down to is Mr. Haslam and the Browns making a significant investment in our stadium," Council President Marty Sweeney said.

Sweeney will be working to sell the package. Council will question Browns CEO Joe Banner and Mayor Jackson's negotiating team on Monday.

To pass the deal Monday requires a super-majority. Normally, that would be 13 of 19 votes.

But "yes" vote Zack Reed will be out of town. He said he will vote "yes" but that won't happen until after Monday's decisive vote.

That changes the math to 12 of 18 "yes" votes needed.

WKYC's Tom Beres e-mailed all council members, asking how they'd vote now.

In addition to Reed, ten more responded.

Councilmen Mike Polensek, Tony Brancatelli, Jeff Johnson, Brian Cummins and Kevin Conwell all said they'd vote "no" based on what they know now.

Marty Sweeney, Terrell Pruitt said they were "yes" votes. Kevin Kelley said he's strongly leaning yes, That's just three of the needed 12 votes.

Jay Westbrook and Martin Keane said they are undecided.

Polensek said, "What is $2 million?It's 20 police...20 firefighters. This has really struck a nerve....(People) are so tired of seeing one way, we pay and we pay and there's no effort at reciprocation to throw us a dog bone."

Sweeney said, "I am confident, at the end of the day, this is going to pass."

Several council members said it would help a great deal if the Browns win Sunday.