Ed FitzGerald's first big decision as the Democratic governor candidate was to pick a running mate. His choice, State Senator Eric Kearney, is raising lots of questions.

Kearney, his wife and business have lots of debt and back taxes. How much did FitzGerald know when? Can Kearney's tough-it-out strategy work?

What does he bring to the ticket?

Many thought Governor John Kasich's mainstay issue for reelection would be his record of job creation and Ohio's economic comeback.

Kasich's camp says it will be, bragging that Kasich's policies helped create 175,000 jobs on his watch.

But many surveys now show Ohio as a near-bottom state in the ranks of job creators with lots of other economic bad news.

What happened to Ohio's comeback? Will the economy become a favorable issue for Ed FitzGerald?

There's a nationwide push to raise the minimum wage. Ohio's $7.85 /hour will go up a dime next year.

One Canton councilman wants his city to raise it to $9.85 /hr.

Local fast food workers are joining are nationwide bid to raise their pay to $15/hour.

Will the campaign to hike the minimum wage be successful? What would the impact of city-by-city changes be?

Would a hike be a job-killer?

Tom Beres discusses these issues with Democratic former Shaker Heights mayor Judy Rawson and Republican former state lawmaker Matt Dolan on this edition of Between the Lines.

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