Ed Fitzgerald and Eric Kearney had no choice.

Their bid to battle Governor John Kasich was overshadowed by relentless coverage of Kearney's, his wife's and business' (mainly business) money problems.

And so they agreed to divorce.

How much damage did the three weeks of negative media hurt FitzGerald's campaign? Who will he get for a new running mate? What lessons should he have learned?

Armond Budish's bandwagon is getting more and more momentum.

It got a big shove from Mayor Frank Jackson's endorsement, claiming he and Budish already have a strong relationship.

How much will Jackson's endorsement mean? Is Budish unstoppable in the Democratic primary?

The city of Cleveland's budget may be taking few hits next year.

Two million dollars is going for stadium repairs. Later in the year, $1 million of income tax is leaving when 700 Cleveland Clinic workers move to Beachwood. And casino revenue is declining.

How will Mayor Jackson deal with the loss? What's the long-range outlook for the Cleveland Horseshoe Casino as it faces new competition from the HardRock Rocksino in Northfield.?

Should the Cleveland Clinic and University Hospitals pay property tax on their medical buildings?

Cleveland schools lose millions of dollars because they don't.

Now a coalition of teachers, clergymen and activists is out to start a discussion to persuade the hospitals to pay taxes, or a negotiated amount called PILOTS -- Payments in Lieu of Taxes -- that nonprofits in other cities pay.

Will there be a serious conversation? The hospital systems says they provide an abundance of help to the community, both with jobs, other taxes, charity care , education and research.

How much more money could Cleveland schools get?

Tom Beres discusses these issues with Channel 3 Political Analysts Mary Anne Sharkey and Dennis Eckart on this edition of Between the Lines.

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