BEDFORD -- Despite the indictments against Judge Harry Jacob and Law Director Kenneth Schuman, it's business as usual at Bedford City Hall.

Thursday was a day many prepared for but hoped wouldn't happen.

"The court is stunned by the fact that this has occurred. With that being said, we've been cooperating with the investigation and continue to do our job," Clerk of Courts Tom Day said.

"We have pledged to continue our cooperation with the county prosecutor's office. We've been involved working with them, cooperating with them, and what we are not doing is rushing to any judgment," City Manager Hank Angelo said.

The mayor of Bedford, Daniel Pocek, had this to say: "It's a tragic turn of events. I am just devastated."

In the absence of Schuman and Jacob, both the city and the courts will continue their day-to-day operations.

Jacob will continue his paid medical leave until the trial is complete, and the assistant law director will take over for Schuman.

City officials say they want what's best for residents.

"Our main concern is to continue to serve them, let me know that we will continue to be open, transparent and as honest as we can be with whomever we are working with," Angelo said.

"I have a great staff, and they continue to work hard to take care of the people in the court jurisdiction," Day said.

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