Governor John Kasich and Cuyahoga County Executive Ed FitzGerald face each other in the state's biggest political race in 2014.

Kasich will campaign for reelection on wiping out a huge deficit and creating a new private agency to create jobs.

FitzGerald will argue a recovery's not happening and try to stir emotions about the Senate Bill 5 controversy and women's rights issues.

Will this be a competitive race?

How much will the lieutenant governor fiasco damage FitzGerald's campaign.

Is Kasich vulnerable?

Cuyahoga County voters will pick a new county executive.

State Rep. Armond Budish has racked up big endorsements. But former Cuyahoga County Sheriff Bob Reid and State Sen. Shirley Smith hope to win the Democratic party's endorsement, which many believe is tantamount to winning the election.

County Council member Jack Schron is expected to be the Republican candidate.

How does this race shape up in January?

Is Budish stoppable?

Cuyahoga County voters, smokers and drinkers will be asked to extend the sin tax to pay for the cost of ongoing improvements at Progressive Field, First Energy Stadium and the Q.

How difficult a sell will that be? How does the Browns deal with the city complicate things? Who will be the face of the campaign?

What issues will be on Ohio's November ballot in 2014.

Legalizing gay marriage, legitimizing marijuana, right to work and other issues are all being discussed.

How will the governor's race impact what issues go in front of voters? How big a factor will Tea Party be? What will be the impact of the Affordable Care Act?

WKYC's Tom Beres discusses these questions with columnists Brent Larkin and Kevin O'Brien and Cuyahoga County Democratic Vice Chairman Blaine Griffin on this edition of Between the Lines.

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