The loss of the United Airlines hub at Cleveland Hopkins International Airport is a blow to almost 500 soon-to-be jobless workers and their families, Greater Cleveland's self-image and economy.

Should the region's leaders have expected this? Could more have been done to save it? What will happen next?

Governor John Kasich has a better than 5-to-1 lead over Ed FitzGerald in campaign dollars on hand. Can FitzGerald close the gap?

What about FitzGerald's pledge to serve an entire term if he is elected and his challenge to Kasich to do the same?

Armond Budish has the money, key endorsements and momentum in his bid to be the next Cuyahoga County Executive.

But some unexpected and little-known candidates are in the race. Will former North Olmsted Mayor Tom O'Grady and political blogger and sin tax opponent Tim Russo complicate the primary for Budish?

Republican Congressman David Joyce is facing a challenger --State Rep. Matt Lynch -- who is calling Joyce too liberal.

Will that force Joyce to move to the right on issues?

How does former Congressman Steve LaTourette's daughter Sarah running for Lynch's seat figure in this storyline? Is this a serious challenge?

Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius stopped in Cleveland, claiming that the Affordable Care Act is past rollout problems and starting to deliver lower cost coverage to more people.

How is the ACA taking shape in Northeast Ohio and impacting Northeast Ohioans?

Tom Beres discusses these issues with columnist Mark Naymik and Politics Writer Henry Gomez on this edition of Between the Lines.

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