MEDINA - Governor John Kasich will take the stage away from Columbus for the third time when he delivers the State of the State address from Medina tonight.

Kasich delivered the speech from Steubenville and Lima the past two years, after using the traditional Columbus location.

Medina was selected to host the event to honor longtime state legislator, William Batchender, who's been in public service for over 45 years. Batchender is in his last year at the state.

Legislators from all over the state will join the governor for a day loaded with luncheons, receptions and business tours.

Medina Mayor, Dennis Hanwell, says hosting the event with be a boost for the local economy and make future endeavors with the state easier.

"Now instead of reading something on paper but not being able to relate to what it really is, they've been here, they've seen it, they understand what the community is."

The days events are all capped with the address from the Performing Arts Center at 7 PM.

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