The decision followed an impasse last month over two competing versions of the bill


State lawmakers have struck a compromise on what to do about missed school days around Ohio brought on by the season's extreme winter weather.

A House-Senate compromise committee approved a bill Tuesday to provide four extra snow days. The panel removed a provision that would have required teachers to undergo professional development training.

It means schools have their regularly allotted five snow days, then they have to make up four contingency days. After they make up those days, they can get the four additional snow days. Days can be made up using home assignments, longer school days, coming in on a holiday, or extending the school year. Schools that have used more than nine snow days are the ones benefiting most from the bill.

The decision followed an impasse last month over two competing versions of the bill.

Snow, ice and bone-chilling temperatures have led many districts across Ohio to exhaust the school year's five allowable calamity days, in which schools can close without making up the lost instructional time.

Many districts have canceled classes for nine or more days this year.

The superintendent of Mentor schools said this is a relief, and it will help families and schools plan for the rest of the year.

Keystone Schools' superintendent said it might be an inconvenience for some people with plans already, but there doesn't seem to be a perfect option out there.

The House and Senate could vote on the new version as soon as Wednesday.

Gov. John Kasich backed adding extra snow days on a one-time basis.

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