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Cleveland or Dallas? Dallas or Cleveland?

That is the question facing Republican convention planners as they decide which city will help them launch their party's bid to retake the White House in 2016.

All along, Party Chairman Rance Priebus has called this mainly a business decision.

Both cities have put forth credible plans to host and fund the big event. Dallas has the deepest pockets and biggest checkbook. But Cleveland will have enough money to get the job done.

Picking either one will make a loud proclamation about how the party views its political future, campaign goals and image it wants to portray to voters and donors.

Coming to Cleveland would signal an all-out effort to capture the important swing state of Ohio and appeal to important surrounding states, like Michigan and Pennsylvania.

It would also mean trying to avoid stories about the split between mainstream Republicans and the far-right polarizing Ted Cruz-led Texas Tea Partiers that a convention in Dallas would bring..

Going to Dallas would show America a vibrant economy in a Republican lead state. But it would also guarantee a rehash of the President George W. Bush era and issues surrounding it.

Cleveland's making its case with can-do practical specifics. But it's also playing the political key-state card.

And Ohio Republicans argue showcasing economic improvements made under Governor John Kasich midway through his expected second term would make sense too.

Who the party picks to run against presumed Democratic choice Hillary Clinton will be much more important than which city hosts the convention.

Republicans will likely win Texas, no matter where the event is held.

But if the GOP's road to the White House must go through Ohio and surrounding states, Cleveland should get the nod.

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