Democratic Senator Sherrod Brown and Republican Senator Rob Portman don't see eye to eye on many issues


CLEVELAND -- Democratic Senator Sherrod Brown and Republican Senator Rob Portman don't see eye-to-eye on many issues.

But they are speaking with one voice, both pledging cooperation in the quest to bring either the Republican or Democratic Conventions to Cleveland and the Democratic Convention to Columbus.

"2016 could be a historic year for political conventions in Ohio.....We stand together ready to offer our full support in bringing the Republican Convention to Cleveland and the Democratic Convention to either Cleveland or Columbus. For us, It's not about being a Democrat or Republican--it's about showcasing the vibrancy of Ohio's cities and bringing further economic development to our state," they said, in a joint statement.

Either convention could bring up to 40,000 visitors and hundreds of millions of dollars to the winning city.

Cleveland's locked in a battle with Dallas for the Republican prize.

Cleveland, Columbus, Phoenix, Philadelphia, Brooklyn and Birmingham are vying for the Democratic event.

Cleveland just hosted a team of Republicans on a follow-up visit.

Positively Cleveland's David Gilbert said, "There's still questions back and forth and a lot of dotting i's and crossing t's."

And going after both conventions at once is double-duty.

"For those of us in this, it's top of mind, from the minute we wake up until we go to bed," he said.

Details of the Democratic request for proposals have not been released. Gilbert says there's not much difference between the two parties' requirements.

Gilbert says the host team remains confident of a good outcome.

Brown believes Cleveland is going to land a convention.

" He's (Portman's) on the phone lobbying. I'm on the phone lobbying my party. I think Cleveland's going to get one of them...more likely Republicans.....if Republicans are dumb enough to pick Dallas than the Democrats are going to step up," Brown said

Democrats announced they are visiting Cleveland August -5, the second of the six cities they will visit.

That's just days before Republicans plan to announce a done deal with their winning city on August 8th.

Different scenarios are possible. But Cleveland could be simultaneously showcasing the city to Democrats and negotiating with Republicans.

It won't be possible to host both conventions. There's not enough money and energy to do both. Democrats have a prohibition against that in their terms of a deal. And practically speaking, neither party would want to be in the other's shadow.

A Republican announcement on which city it will begin negotiations could come as early as next week. It could be Cleveland or Dallas or Cleveland and Dallas.

For Republicans choosing , it will be a weekend of working. For Cleveland's host team, it will be a weekend of waiting.

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