Ohio Republicans say the public has a right to know that.


COLUMBUS -- When is Cuyahoga County Executive Ed FitzGerald at work and when is he campaigning for Governor?

Ohio Republicans say the public has a right to know that.

On Wednesday, they filed a lawsuit in the Ohio Supreme Court to force FitzGerald to provide records indicating what hours he is at Cuyahoga County buildings and parking facilities.

The Northeast Ohio Media Group has been seeking the records of his key-card swipes.

FitzGerald has refused to provide them, citing security concerns and threats to his personal safety backed up by Cuyahoga County Sheriff Frank Bova.

Ohio Republican Party Chairman Matt Borges said, "For months FitzGerald has been hiding records from the public about where he is and when. Even FitzGerald's predecessor, (former Cuyahoga County Commissioner) Jimmy Dimora, who is in federal prison for public corruption, would release these records."

The county has previously considered key-card data for public employees as public records.

The Party claims FitzGerald has refused to respond to its latest request.

FitzGerald's campaign spokesperson Lauren Hitt said, "This is nothing more than a tired political stunt. Politicizing very real security threats is the lowest form of politics , and John Kasich is leading these efforts. Meanwhile Ed FitzGerald is focused on discussing real issues like the rising cost of Ohio's public colleges and the 120,000 jobs we've yet to recover from the recession. Governor Kasich and his handpicked party chairman should be focused on the issues that matter to Ohioans as well."

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