CLEVELAND -- Democratic Governor Candidate Ed FitzGerald has spent the last several days dealing with fallout from multiple stories about a two year old incident involving an early morning police call that found him in a car with a woman not his wife and his longstanding lack of a full driver's license.

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FitzGerald spoke with Tom Beres in the attached interview about the incidents and issues surrounding his failure to get a driver's license.

He takes full responsibility for not having a license, saying he kept procrastinating.

He realizes he has handed his political enemies an issue but hopes voters can get beyond his oversight and look at his record and his stance on the issues.

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But we found many voters concerned that the license oversight shows a lack of responsibility and raises issues about his fitness to lead the state.

FitzGerald says he does not know of any other negative stories about him that may be coming saying he's proud of the life he's lead and the values he's upheld.

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August 5, 2014: Full Interview -- Ed FitzGerald speaks with WKYC's Tom Beres. WKYC-TV

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