CLEVELAND -- Republican Cuyahoga County Council member and successful businessman Jack Schron is launching his bid to become the new Cuyahoga County Executive.

And his slogan will be simple -- "Back Jack!"

In a predominantly Democratic county, he knows he faces an uphill fight.

He is hoping to take a page from the book of former Mayor/Governor/Senator George Voinovich to cultivate crossover appeal.

Voinovich will play a leading role in his campaign.

"What is more important -- party label or a person of leadership skill?" he asks.

What do he and Voinovich have in common?.

"Senator Voinovich and I talk two or three times a day about what should we be doing, where we can be going, and how can we build on (his) success," he explained.

"I'm going to have a conservative bias on fiscal issues. I'm going to have the warm, generous heart Senator Voinovich has....We also share a common bond. Family is the most important part of our lives," he said.

Schron certainly does not need the job .

"I just have the desire to give back," he said.

Schron heads Jergens Inc. The company, located in Cleveland's Collinwood neighborhood, makes metal components and is a leader in modern "lean manufacturing."

Many of its workers live within walking distance of the plant.

Job creation will be a big part of his campaign. He believes the county should use the Global Center for Health Innovation more aggressively as a recruiting tool to persuade companies with exhibits to bring more of their operations here.

Schron is part of the Republican minority on County Council and believes the body's bipartisan work is an example others could follow.

"We could have had a train wreck ...the reality of it is, the eleven of us get along very well...from different persuasions, different political background and different parts of the county . We got things accomplished," he brags.

The Democratic county executive candidates are State Representative Armond Budish, former Cuyahoga County Sheriff Bob Reid and State Senator Shirley Smith. Budish is the perceived frontrunner.

Schron believes his resume stacks up well against theirs.

The only other announced Republican is 19-year-old Tanner Fischbach, of Berea.

Schron's company has been involved with Cleveland Schools, participating in programs at Max Hayes High School.

His backers hope his accomplishments in both business and government will connect with independents and the same kind of Democrats who like Voinovich.

Asked what the worst thing reporters could find in his closet, Schron claimed it's a habit of spending too much time on the job.

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