The proposal to renew the Cuyahoga County sin tax on smokers and drinkers to maintain sports facilities is now on the table.

Eight of eleven Cuyahoga County Council members have until Feb. 4 to approve putting it on the ballot.

Will that happen?

How much information will the Cavs, Browns and Indians share about how the money will be used?

Will voters be persuaded, knowing that the city and county will have to make cuts to pay for this if the tax is not extended?

Tributes keep pouring in for legendary political consultant Arnold Pinkney, who died this past week.

Who will carry on his legacy? What will his loss mean to Cleveland politics?

Two Cleveland council members, Zack Reed and Jeff Johnson, are challenging new council President Kevin Kelley and asking why all key players in city , county and and federal law enforcement here are white males?

Should the head of Council's Safety Committee be African-American because there is more crime on the city's East Side?

What about their emotional presentation at a council meeting where Pinkney was being remembered? Is this partly a power struggle with Council's new leadership?

There were multiple developments in the Ohio Governor's race.

Why did Frank Jackson take so long to endorse Ed FitzGerald? Will Dennis Kucinich get in the race?

WIll John Kasich's decision to make his State of the State speech in Medina help his candidacy?

Tom Beres discusses these questions with Columnist Mark Naymik and Politics Writer Henry Gomez on this edition of Between the Lines.

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