CLEVELAND -- The new Innerbelt bridge will open to westbound traffic by Monday.

After years of construction and a lot of traffic headaches, the first half of the project is now complete.

For the first time, the new Innerbelt bridge will carry westbound traffic entering from East 9th Street and Ontario Avenue.

After years and years of construction and detours, that is something to celebrate.

A ribbon cutting ceremony earlier Friday morning marked the completion of the first half of the Innerbelt bridge project.

"it's been a long time coming. It's a lot of hard work for 20 years now," says bridge project engineer Jeff Ziegler.

Present at the ribbon cutting ceremony were politicians, the public, and even the men who built the bridge that was officially dedicated as the George V. Voinovich Bridge.

In the next few weeks, all westbound traffic will be moved over to the bridge, followed by eastbound traffic in late November.

Once the bridge is carrying all Innerbelt traffic, the old bridge will be demolished.

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