No money, road problems...


CLEVELAND -- One step at a time the Innerbelt project is moving forward, but their plans go further than just two new bridges.

With the first bridge set to take on the full weight of traffic this weekend, ODOT is moving forward with plans to demolish the other bridge and build the second.

When all is said and done, the two new bridges will carry a price tag of $566 million and that money is locked, but the plans don't stop there.

"There's actually seven multi-billion dollars worth of work to take us all the way through this Innerbelt corridor," says Jocelynn Clemings, spokesperson for ODOT.

Those seven projects have been broken down into different pieces and parts, but mainly deal with reconstructing and modernizing the Innerbelt trench and Dead Man's Curve.

The needs identified by ODOT in a project rundown include improving the physical condition of the bridge decks and pavements, improving performance and safety and balancing access to the roadway.

They have several concepts to fix the trench and curve. All run in the tens of millions of dollars, but the problem right now is no money.

"Long range, unfortunately the money has not been applied to those future projects," Clemings says. "We are still actively looking for ways to fund all of those projects and will continue to do that."

One project they're hoping to begin as early at 2016 as they finish the second bridge, involves re-configuring Broadway Avenue. ODOT says that will allow them to widen I-77 over I-490, which is a pinch point.