CLEVELAND -- The state of Ohio has come out with its list of the most dangerous intersections.

At the top is the intersection of Woodland, Kinsman and East 55th.

Drivers say it's just too congested.

"People are impatient," says Chris Banks. "People will go around you and honk everybody in a rush to go nowhere."

ODOT recorded 52 crashes there, making it the most dangerous urban intersection.

Number two on the list takes us to Lake County near Mentor Avenue and 306.

According to state records, 47 crashes happened there.

"There are always a lot of crashes here where three coming out of the Marc's parking lot. There always seems to be an accident when I'm in this area," said one driver.

And now to Lorain County for the third most dangerous urban intersection -- Cleveland Street and Center Ridge Road.

Paul Wilkins nearly died here when he got hit on his bike.

"They're not sure how fast she was going," Wilkins says. "The speed limit is 50 so I got hit on a bicycle, broadsided at least 50 mph."

Wilkins suffered head injuries, a shattered ankle, fractured leg and broken hand.

37 crashes happened there.

For the fourth most dangerous urban intersection, we head back to Lake County and back to Mentor Avenue, only this time at Old Johnnycake where 36 crashes took place.

ODOT says most crashes are preventable.

They say wear your seat belt, eliminate distractions like cell phones and drive sober.

See a list of the dangerous intersections from ODOT

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