Whatever you call them, they're popping up all over the Cleveland area. Our Friday "pothole patrol" started near Lee and Miles roads, where they weren't very plentiful or severe.

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It was a little worse off for the drivers at Denison and Lorain avenues, but still not too bad.

But when we got to Fulton and Ridge roads, there were more of them and they were wider and deeper.

"I think that they need to be fixed because they put holes in your tires," one driver said.

Drivers seemed to be ready for them and drove slowly over them. They continued to be prevalent down Fulton all the way to Denison, where a cold patch crew was giving them a temporary fix.

"It holds up pretty good and keeps it safe until we can come back and repair it," a crew member said.

"They're terrible. Sometimes I'm afraid to go by them, I'll see people living in them, they're so deep!" another dirver said.

Next stop? 117th Street and Triskett, where the the intersection was littered with them! Again, cars moved slowly over them.

"These potholes, we really need them to be fixed. We've called numerous times to have the city come out and repair them, and haven't had no response back," a driver told Channel 3.

And for those whose cars did suffer damage, at least there's a garage nearby.

"What kinds of repairs have people needed? Tires, rims....tears up your vehicle as far as suspension and everything else," one garage owner said.

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