A series of multivehicle accidents on Interstate 90 is prompting a Lake County commissioner to speak out.

Commissioner Daniel Troy has been taking a lot of complaints from drivers.

He says there have been too many crashes and too many excuses.

He wants to put pressure on the Ohio Department of Transportation to make some changes.

Even though this project is run by the state of Ohio, it's costing some towns in Lake County extra money -- not in road repairs but in emergency runs.

"All of our taxpayer dollars are paying for this project. But then we are magnifying that burden on our tax payers because we are having to spend a lot of money with our local safety forces," said Troy.

Troy says local fire and EMS are continuously returning to the construction site for accidents, many of which involve multiple vehicles.

He tried to get answers from ODOT but says he only hears the same excuse -- that winter arrived early.

"I think this is a classic case of government with its head in the sand. This is Northeast Ohio. That's part of the Snow Belt, and these projects need to be wrapped up before the wintry weather hits," said Troy.

Troy wants ODOT to re-evaluate its contracts with its chosen construction company to make sure work is complete before an early winter.

And he says he's surprised no one's been killed but wonders how long that will last.

He says drivers and taxpayers deserve better.

"You can't leave man-made hazards up there that are causing disruptions and additional costs on our tax payers as has been taking place here lately," said Troy.

The commissioner has been meeting with local politicians.

There's not much they can do because it's a state project.

So he's encouraging drivers to put pressure on their state representatives.

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