The snowy weather made for some treacherous driving conditions Thursday.

Whether it was near Painesville, Mentor or Mayfield Heights, traffic backed up and crawled at a snail's' pace.

The snow made it difficult to see and extremely slick.

"This is just plain nasty," said WKYC Videographer Craig Roberson, driving the WKYC live truck.

When a car spun off I-90 eastbound, traffic came to a standstill.

It's not what two guys from Arizona were used to driving in.

"It was 75 degrees in Arizona when we left. It's sounding better and better all the time," shouted the passenger.

Further west, on I-271 around Mayfield Heights, the conditions got worse, making it a long and scary commute.

"They're snow-covered and blowing, especially when you get to Mayfield out toward Chester and it just gets worse, so it's been a long day," said driver Mark Gieser.

"I'm scared to crash. I don't want to crash into nobody. I don't want nobody to slide into me. I don't want nobody to hurt themself. Cars flip over, that's what I'm more scared of," said driver Shaneeque Cloud.

ODOT says they have 70 crews on the roads.

They've been salting and plowing but the pavement temperatures in some places have dipped below the 19-degree mark. That means that there will be using the calcium chloride solution to keep the roads from freezing.

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