UPDATE at noon Monday: The travel ban listed below has since been lifted...


A "travel ban" has been placed on the Ohio Turnpike until noon Monday for multiple types of vehicles due to high wind.

The ban includes the following vehicle types:

  • All triple-trailer combination commercial vehicles.
  • Box-type double-trailer combination commercial vehicles in excess of 90 feet in length.
  • Mobile home / office trailers.
  • Boat and horse trailers towed by passenger vehicles or pickup trucks.
  • High-profile campers and enclosed trailers, which are defined as trailers designed for a person of average height to stand in.

The ban was put into place at 3 a.m.

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Not included in the travel ban are self-propelled motor homes, low-profile trailers, fold-down camper trailers, pickup trucks with slide-on camper units, vehicles towing fifth-wheel type trailers, or any other type of trailers towed by passenger vehicles or pickup trucks.

Also excluded from the travel ban are commercial trucks towing single flatbed or box-type trailers, flatbed double-trailer combinations in excess of 90 feet and any double-trailer combination commercial vehicles less than 90 feet.

If you have any questions, please contact the Ohio Turnpike and Infrastructure Commission at 440-234-2081 extension 1244.

Officials say the ban may be extended or reduced as conditions warrant.

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