ROCKY RIVER -- It wasn't just unusual. Cleveland Water Department veterans claim it's unprecedented.

A water main attached to a bridge overpass ruptured, shutting down a stretch of Interstate 90 temporarily in both directions Saturday.

Now the Cleveland Water Department is taking a better-safe-than-sorry approach.

It's inspecting all its water lines connected to bridges.

That's perhaps more common than you might expect.

Interim Water Commissioner Alex Margevicius estimated there are 200 pipe/bridge links.

Why does a water line that would normally be underground wind up suspended on a bridge?

Many highways displace houses, even neighborhoods. Excavating and trenching removed waterlines. But they had to be transplanted somewhere to keep the same water service connections.

Margevicius does not expect to find many problems. The inspections should be done in a couple weeks.

The Rocky River water line is still not repaired. Engineers are figuring out the best plan for that. When the work is done, it will likely be at night to avoid more disruptions.

There was an incident at that same overpass on Feb. 7.

A piece of debris struck the windshield of a car being driven by an Oberlin man.

Police, ODOT and the Water Department are still looking for answers to see if that might have been a warning of the broken pipe to come.

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