If you've been dialed in to the swimming competition at the Olympics then you've seen the lanes created in the pool for the competitors.

What you may be surprised to learn is that all those lanes are created thanks to the work of a Medinacompany.

Competitor Swim Products, a division of Richey Industries, manufactures the racing lanes. They've supplied them to the Olympics nine times, including this year in London. In business for more than 50 years, the company first supplied products to the 1968 Mexico City Olympics.

The Olympic host cities aren't the only clients. They supply racing lanes to colleges, high schools, YMCAs or other organizations that hold competitive swimming events.

Last year they shipped almost a half a million feet of racing lanes, which is a large portion of the overall world production.

Their purpose is not only to divide the pool into lanes, but to also have a wave quelling effect.

"As the swimmer passes the lane line he's generating a wave that will cause the disc to rotate, thus absorbing the wave, and dispersing it along the channel that we created with the lane line itself. Otherwise, you'd be swimming in a large bathtub with a sloshing back and forth."

They manufacture other swim products, including analog clocks, lane reelers, and swim goggles. And flags that hang over the swimmers so backstroke swimmers can see when they're getting close to the end of the pool.