CLEVELAND -- The world is watching the story many are calling the #MiracleInCLE.

News broke Monday night that three women -- Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus and Michele Knight -- who were missing for years, were found alive after escaping from a home at 2207 Seymour Avenue.

"This Cleveland story is truly astonishing," CNN's Piers Morgan posted on his Twitter page Monday evening. "THREE young women, all apparently kidnapped separate 10 yrs ago, found TOGETHER, and ALIVE."

Anderson Cooper, also of CNN, echoed Morgan's thoughts by tweeting: "Wow, brking news from Cleveland. 2 women who disappeared 9 and 10 years ago found alive in a house near where they were last seen."

Media outlets from around the world -- including Australia, England, Ireland and the Netherlands-- have been calling the WKYC newsroom asking for extra details and requesting we do live reports.

Tuesday's edition of the "TODAY" show is expected to be live from Cleveland.

National news organizations like CNN have also made their way to town.

As you would expect, social media has been filled with interest in the story as #AmandaBerry, #GinaDeJesus and #MicheleKnight became top Twitter trends nationally and globally.

Here's what some of you had to say on the WKYC Facebook page:

- Connie: What a wonderful story about the 3 girls found. We've had so many heartbreaking stories this past year around the world. This is a miracle! Prayers to all of them and their families as they face the road ahead of them.

- Ruth: Cleveland makes national breaking news and it is good news. How cool is that! So happy for these families! Hope is an amazing thing and these moms never lost it! Moms always know!

- Darrell: I suggest a night of "WELCOME HOME" and "NEIGHBORHOOD SAFETY" should be held in honor of the three women found. This could be done by voluntarily turning on your porch light and standing out in your yard/on your porch, where you can greet your neighbor, say hello, and let each other know you are looking out for their best interest, as they look out for yours. We need to end the selfish behavior that society has caused us to form, and become the more neighborly and a sharing/caring Nation we once were.

- Monica: Great news today in Cleveland...miracles do happen

- Diane: Unbelievable! So happy for the families of these young women! Now let the healing begin for the young women!

- Michelle: Happy news in Cleveland tonight!!!!

- Marni: om gosh thank god prayers to them an joy an happiness to there family xoxoxoxox

- Pat: Wow! this story is astonishing! Not that far away. Maybe three miles away from where they disappeared? So happy to hear they are alive!

- Jen: Welcome home girls u were always thought of by many and in lots of prayers .

- Diamond: Knowing those girls are home safely with their families is better then Cleveland winning any Super Bowl, World Series or NBA Championship. Cleveland has finally brought home the biggest win ever!! God bless them!!!

- Tina: welcome home glad the lord kept you safe

- Paula: God is great! He put an Angel outside of that house when she was screaming for help. He could have turn the other cheek and thought to mind his own business but insted he went and did what he felt he needed to do. Mr. Ramsey from all of us in North East Ohio, thank you for becoming a HERO for these 3 women and children. MAY GOD BLESS YOU ALL AND ALL OF US THAT PRAYED FOR A SAFE RETURN HOME.

- Anita: Just goes to show you that God does hear our prayers and sometimes they are answered!! Wishing you girls and all love, peace and blessings. The best Mother's Day gifts ever!!

- Alisha: Thank you Jesus for the safe return of the three missing young women. God is so Good. The effectual fervent prayers of the righteous availeth much. Prayer works and changes things.

- John: The answers why and how these young women were held captive, but the FINAL results is that there SAFE..God Bless

- Scott: OMG I didn't think they'd ever find those two girls.

- Cathy: OMG!!!I"ve got chills & tears!!What GREAT news!!!Lord help them heal!!

- Jon: Incredible! I remember when these girls went missing when I was 12 years old.


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