CLEVELAND -- This week Kevin Costner is in town for "Draft Day," and later this month "Captain America" makes his return to Cleveland as Marvel begins production on its sequel.

As it was with "Alex Cross" or even "A Christmas Story," most of these are temporary shoots as movie makers come and go in a matter of weeks.

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But what about Hollywood establishing deeper, more permanent roots in Cleveland?

"You can do things here you can't do anywhere else," Ivan Schwarz, executive director of the Greater Cleveland Film Commission says. "Closing E. 9th Street for the 'Avengers,' no other city in America would allow that."

The ante gets upped when Hollywood shuts down the West Shoreway in both directions later this month. The warning signs for drivers are up now.

But if this commute looks familiar to you, Hollywood's filming of "Captain America: Winter Soldier" will force you to find an alternate from May 29 through June 14.

ROAD CLOSURES planned for "Captain America" sequel in Cleveland -

It's a sign of Cleveland proving to film productions that the city is flexible and versatile.

"There's nothing you can't do here, but mountain and desert," Schwarz continues. "We want Cleveland to shine and to have people come back."

Schwarz says the next step in the process is building a permanent house for Hollywood, like a studio.

The kind of property they're looking for is about 15 acres of open space where they can build a major facility with plenty of studio space to film, develop technology and educate up-and-coming filmmakers.


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