CLEVELAND -- Our city had an up-close glimpse of his patriotic shield for months.

Now, the world has its first officiallookat "Captain America: Winter Soldier."

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Marvel released a 2:27 longtrailer for the superhero sequel atnoon Thursday on iTunes (watch it in full below).

Here's a time-stampedbreakdown of when scenes filmed in Cleveland appear in the trailer:

- 57 seconds: Gunfire on Euclid facing E. 9th Street.

- 58 seconds. Explosion on the Shoreway bridge near Lakeside and West 3rd.

1:09: Henchmen open fire on Shoreway bridge near Lakeside and West 3rd.

1:10: Car flips over on Shoreway bridge near Lakeside and West 3rd.

1:12: Car smoking on Lakeside Avenue near Justice Center.

1:42: Explosion on E. 6th at St. Clair.

1:44: Car explosion on Superior facing Public Square.

1:59: Fight outside Justice Center on West 3rd near Lakeside.

2:04: Motorcycle scene on Lorain Avenue Bridge.

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This trailer's releasemarks the first time any footage from the film is made available to the public.

A pair of new posters -- including a motion-morphing image installed at theaters nationwide (see it in action above) -- have been capturing the attention of 'Cap' fans in online forums.

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Crews were in town between May and June to shoot scenes in multiple local spots including the Cleveland Museum of Art, Tremont, throughout downtown Cleveland and along a several-mile stretch of the Shoreway.

Cleveland is doubling as Washington D.C. in the movie, which stars Chris Evans as the title character, Scarlett Johansson as the Black Widow, Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury, Anthony Mackie as theFalconand Robert Redford as Alexander Pierce.

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The movie was directed by two Cleveland natives -- brothers Anthony and Joe Russo.

"Captain America: Winter Soldier" is slated for nationwide release on April 4, 2014.