SOLON -- Just after 4 a.m. Nov. 28, police officers responded to Longview Drive on a report that a Ford Escape, which had been reported stolen from Solon's Paninis, was at the address.

Upon arrival, officers observed the Ford Escape in a driveway with its lights on and the engine running. Officers saw a woman in the back seat sleeping.

She was identified as Amanda Calabrese, 22, of Solon.

Officers detected a strong odor of an alcoholic beverage coming from her, her speech was slurred and her eyes were bloodshot.

When officers woke Calabrese, she told them she thought she was in her home sleeping in her bed.

Police determined that Calabrese had spent the evening at Paninis. When she left the restaurant, she mistakenly put on the wrong coat which had the keys to the Ford Escape and drove it home.

Calabrese's Nissan was located in the Paninis parking lot.

Calabrese was placed under arrest and charged with OVI and taken to the Solon Jail. She refused a Breathalyzer test and was held on bond.

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