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I have always thought that the Midwest was the hot spot when it came to tornadoes, given the fact that the movie "The Wizard of Oz" was set in Kansas and the movie "Twister" was set in the Midwest.

But new analysis out of Washington D.C. shows that Florida and the southeast are more vulnerable to "killer twisters."

The Associated Press reports that, although Oklahoma and Kansas may have the reputation as tornado hot spots, Florida leads the country in deaths calculated per mile a tornado races along the ground, followed by Tennessee, North Carolina, Ohio and Alabama.

Apparently, the Heart of Dixie is where more people die from tornadoes than anywhere else in the world, the AP reported, and that Florida tornadoes aren't plentiful or strong, but the state leads the nation in so many factors that add to the danger, especially vulnerable populations of people in mobile homes, the elderly, and the poor.

I can attest to the population calculation as Florida has a lot of retirees and snowbirds and I can also attest that there is a plethora of mobile homes in the Sunshine State. In fact, in some areas of Florida, mobile homes outnumber regular homes.

Who can forget the March 28, 2010 Brevard County tornado? Or the 1998 tornado in Kissimmee?

Of course, I also noticed that, after Florida, Ohio and Alabama were fourth and fifth in the path of tornadoes.

Now, a Florida friend of mine was born and raised in Ohio and his favorite college team is Alabama. That would put him in the "line of fire" in three out of the top five tornado hot spots at any given time, since he does attend football games in Tuscaloosa. He always was a daring individual, now able to handle "tilapia tragedies" with ease.

But I digress.

Wherever you are this weekend, everyone stay safe. After all, we would miss you if you weren't around any more.

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