ROCKY RIVER -- Indians pitcher Chris Perez changed his plea from not guilty to no conteston a fourth-degree misdemeanor drug charge.

The judge quickly determined Perez was guilty and sentenced himto one year probation, issued a $250 fine and ordered him to speak to local youths about the perils of marijuana.

Perez, 28, made no statement prior to sentencing.

His wife, Melanie, was also in court where she agreed to undergo a hair follicle test. If her test comes back clean, prosecutors say she will be offered the opportunity to plea on a minor misdemeanor drug charge, which carries a maximum fine of $150 with no probation attached.

WATCH | Raw footage of Chris Perez's entire court appearance

The two were initially charged in early June when investigators were called after a postal worker smelled something funny in a delivery to the couple's home.

Police say nine ounces of marijuana had been mailed to a residencethey rent in Rocky River.

The package had been reportedly shipped in the name of the couple's dog, Brody.

After investigators confronted Perez, he allegedly confessed to "personal use" of marijuana in his house.