Bubba Watson wins the Masters for the second time in three years. But my question is: Did you watch?

No Tiger, no Phil, no drama on Sunday, means no for me.

Great weather, plenty of family time, and even though I got home last night at 5, a quick look at the leaderboard on my phone was all I needed.

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For many casual fans, there was no one to cheer for, or cheer against.

Don't get me wrong, Bubba Watson is a great story. He's very likable. He celebrated the win with a fancy dinner at Waffle House. He's as down home as they come.

But I'm looking for the numbers that come out for the TV ratings. I think most casual fans made up their minds before the weekend they weren't going to watch because Tiger was missing.

Woods is not only the most exciting driver from the tee, but the best at driving up the ratings. He is the one golfer who brings in a huge audience of fans who love him and those who don't.

The Heat, Yankees, and Patriots equal huge numbers because a chunk of the audience will watch hoping they lose. Tiger Woods is the same way.

I love watching Tiger. He has brought a certain flair to golf. Raw emotion and he has never been afraid to show it. He makes it more exciting to this casual fan.

Watching Tiger is not like watching golf the way your dad did, but yesterday was a return to that. Maybe Bubba can bring in the ratings? Golf needs it but they need Tiger more.


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