As the PGA Championship begins Thursday, there's always been questions with Tiger Woods. But over the years, we've gone from how much will he win by, to will he win. Now, we're wondering if he can finish.

But Tiger is still Tiger. Thousands of fans watched him practice yesterday, just days after he hurt his back again. He still gets the respect from Vegas. Tiger is 30-1 to win this weekend. Bad odds for him, but another golfer with his circumstances would be 100-1, if not more.

Jack Nicklaus told ESPN that he thinks Tiger can still break his record of 18 majors, if he can get healthy. That's a big "if."

I don't think Tiger catches Jack, but he needs to come back and have a chance. We've always thought Tiger needed golf, but in reality, golf needs Tiger more. Ratings and the game's popularity are dropping. Die-hard golf fans love Rory McIlroy. Some say he's the next Tiger. Nope. The ratings for the British Open were down 26 percent from last year, when Tiger finished 6th.

Golf needs a healthy Tiger. If not, Woods won't be the only one limping around on Sundays. So will the entire sport.


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