The Indians open a big three-game series tonight in Detroit. I really hope instant replay doesn't come into play, because right now I don't trust it..

For the record, I never liked it in baseball. It takes away the human element that makes baseball unique. It slows down an already slow game, and now it's not getting the calls right.

There were two botched calls over the weekend in in the Red Sox / Yankees series. Both went against Boston. For the record, I don't cheer for either team.

Major League Baseball admitted it made a mistake with a replay in Saturday's game. Then on Sunday, there was no conclusive evidence to overturn a play at first, but they did and called the Yankees hitter safe. The Yankees scored what would be the winning run. Boston Manager John Farrell was then ejected for arguing.

Twice this weekend, the calls were right from the umpire, and instant replay changed them. If you're going to rely on replay, there is no margin of error. You have to get it right.

Otherwise the system is even more flawed than an umpire making a wrong call. Replay has to be a guarantee, and it was intended to take away all doubt. Instead it's creating even more, and that's not good for the game.


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