NBA Commissioner Adam Silver will hold a news conference at 2 p.m. Tuesday to talk about the alleged racist comments made by Clippers owner Donald Sterling.

Silver could fine him a million dollars or ban him indefinitely, but getting him to sell the team is more difficult.

But there is one group that is not wasting any time in punishing Donald Sterling.

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My take: Just like the players for their protest, I applaud the major companies that very quickly decided it was time to cut ties.

Carmax ended a nine-year relationship with the Clippers, followed by State Farm, Virgin America, Kia, AquaHydrate water, Red Bull, Yokohama tires and Mercedes-Benz.

This is where it will hurt Donald Sterling. Money, money, money.

He's losing his inner circle of big business partners, some of the paying fans, but now the NBA -- and I'm talking to the owners who have the power -- need to follow and put pressure on Sterling to sell.

Maybe the NBA should allow the current Clippers players out of their contracts and become free agents, take away all draft picks and diminish the franchise to even lower than an expansion team.

Sterling hates to lose. Make him lose and it could be the NBA's gain. It might send a message that racism won't win in this league.


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