This is LeBron's fourth season in Miami and he's going for his third NBA championship. Many of you are still angry at him, and fanning the flames.

But is losing LeBron James still an excuse today for why the Cavs have done very little to improve?

My take: The year after LeBron left, the Cavs won 19 games. The Raptors and Nets had similar records.

They're both playoff teams this year in a bad Eastern Conference.

The following year, the Cavs won 21 games. Golden State and Portland were in that range and Charlotte had only seven wins that year. All three will make the playoffs this year. They are now better basketball destinations.

So why are the Cavs missing out again? Since LeBron left, where are the big name free agents? Outside of Kyrie and Dion, what happened in the draft?

Instead of blaming LeBron for leaving, maybe we should look at the Cavs front office for not doing enough to improve. No free agents, nightmare drafts and change of coaches and GM's.

Don't blame LeBron for that. The Warriors, Blazers, Raptors, Nets and even the Bobcats are all running to the playoffs, while the Cavs are on a treadmill and going no where.


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