Cleveland Cavaliers guard Jarrett Jack scored 31 points in a 106-100 win over the New York Knicks Sunday.


There is just something special about being under the bright lights of Broadway, and in "The World's Most Famous Arena" Sunday, Cleveland Cavaliers guard Jarrett Jack had his moment in the spotlight.

Jack scored 31 points and handed out 10 assists in the Cavaliers' 106-100 victory over the New York Knicks at Madison Square Garden, Cleveland's first win in its last five outings and one that snapped New York's eight-game winning streak, which was the longest current streak in the Eastern Conference heading into Sunday.

"I'm an East Coast kid," Jack, a Fort Washington, Maryland native, told Fox Sports Ohio following the win. "I grew up watching pretty much every game that was taking place here in this building, the Big East Tournament, countless NBA playoff games, so just to be able to come here and step between the lines is an honor in itself.

"And to have a game like this is definitely something I'll remember."

Jack converted 13 of his 19 attempts from the floor, pulled in five rebounds, blocked a shot and committed just three turnovers. He was plus-eight against the Knicks, which meant when he was on the floor, the Cavaliers outscored the Knicks by eight points.

"I told him, 'They're not going to help off on me,'" fellow guard Dion Waiters said. "They stayed on the corner on me the whole night, so I told Jack, 'Once you turn the corner, it's just you and your guy. Once you beat him, you're going to get a basket.'

"I told him the whole time. One time, J.R. (Smith) helped off on me. Andy (Varejao) was able to pass me the ball and I was able to knock down the three from the corner."

With the team down by 15 points at halftime, coach Mike Brown elected to go with a three-guard lineup for much of the second half. Brown put Jack, Waiters and Matthew Dellavedova on the floor, and had Jack run a two-man game with Varejao.

"Jack was hot," Brown said. "Jack hit some shots that kind of make you go, 'Wow, okay.' We kept feeding him and New York knew it, but they had a hard time defending him in the pick-and-roll. If he's not hitting shots the way he is, it's going to be a little more difficult for us because our small-ball package isn't great. Jack was the guy who made plays for us when we went small, and that's why it was effective. He made plays for us.

"Jack was really big for us, obviously, not only with the 31 points, but the 10 assists. He took a shot at the right time and he made a pass at the right time. For him to play the way he did to help us get a win in this building, especially being down the way we were at halftime, was huge."

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