While baseball is just starting, the NBA is in the stretch run for the playoffs.

You look at the standings and it seems like the system has to change. The Atlanta Hawks are 32-41, nine games under .500 and would make the playoffs today.

The Cavs are 15 games under .500 and still have a chance.

That's not right.

One idea that's floating around out there is the NBA should do away with the conferences come playoff time, and just seed the top overall 16 teams.

My take: Why not? It would make the playoffs better.

Do the Hawks really deserve a playoff spot? The Cavs? I get it that the the playoffs would be West heavy. 10 of the 16 spots would be Western teams, but it's by far the better conference right now.

Also, make a rule that says you have to finish above .500 to be in the postseason. Kick out the 16th team Minnesota and give the Spurs a bye.

The NBA won't do it because right now it would penalize the East Coast and the bigger markets. The NBA playoffs are about crowning a champion, TV ratings and money -- and not in that order.

The NBA is the biggest fan of the New York Knicks right now hoping they sneak into the playoffs, and they're only one game behind Atlanta. "Go Knicks" is what the NBA is saying privately.

The postseason should be a reward for playing hard and winning games during the regular season. Don't let teams like the Hawks and Knicks just go and fill the spots.


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