Before LeBron makes "the decision part two," he will have "the meeting" with Heat President Pat Riley in Las Vegas.

This could go two ways. LeBron could tell Riley face to face that he is going somewhere else -- like Cleveland. Or, this could be the meeting to plan the future of LeBron in Miami.

Some of you have told me if Miami is the chosen one this time, LeBron could still return to the Cavs some day.

My take: I don't see it.

I think whether the decision is made today, tomorrow or whenever, it's Cleveland or bust. This is the second time for this decision, the second time of putting the spotlight on himself, and making fans and the entire NBA wait.

The time for LeBron to come back to Cleveland is now. They finally have young stars who would fit with James and he has the fan momentum on his side. Die-hard basketball fans in this town want a championship, and the way you get one now is with LeBron.

But if LeBron stays in Miami, Cleveland will be rejected again; kicked to the curb again. The old phrase "fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me," comes to mind.

There's been a lot of forgiving by Cavs fans, but if Dan Gilbert gets stood up again, I don't think he'll ever give LeBron a third chance. Why would he? With Kyrie, Wiggins and three first-round picks next year, there may not be room for an older LeBron in two or three years. That's why if LeBron truly wants to come home, it has to be now.


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