The projected price tag for the new renovations at FirstEnergy Stadium is nothing to sneeze at, which is why Browns fans are split down the middle over who should pay for it all.

Most fans agree FirstEnergy could use some improvements, but whether this burden should fall on Cleveland taxpayers is a hot-button issue.

"Not me ... definitely not me because I'm broke as a joke," said Jeremy Zuchowski. "I do not think that should come out of tax dollars. I think they're making enough money."

Still other fans say they are willing to fork over a little more and invest in the hometown team.

"I'm a season ticket holder. I don't have any problem with spending a little extra cash to have a state-of-the-art facility," explained Nick Collins. "Brings money into the city, and, if people want to have a sports team, it's just the price you have to pay. It's not free."

While the Browns have already committed to paying for half of the project with the help of borrowed money from the NFL, some fans think Browns owner Jimmy Haslam and CEO Joe Banner should pay for the rest.

"Banner should pay for it. All of it? Yea," said Scott Gilbride. "This guy's got money. You know if he really wants to see his stadium look nicer, just like if he wanted to see his house look nicer, then that's some money. Because if you really believe that's your home away from home, then you'd want it to look like your home."

The city's Planning Commission approved permits for the first phase of the improvement project, which is slated to get underway at the close of this season.