CLEVELAND -- Football fans blitzed social media within seconds of learning the Browns had fired head coach Rob Chudzinski after a disappointing 4-12 season.

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Here is a sampling of the hundreds of comments we've received from our viewers in their own words:

Angela-Krista Kandes: Here we go again! Ughh!

Amber Marie: I think all the players should be fired instead!

Bridget Potter Ruddell: Who do you think your gonna actually get to come to Cleveland to coach?

Joan Brester: So sorry Chud…I am sure you'll get hired by someone who appreciates your talents…good luck sir!!

Galand Emigh Sr.: Upper management has no clue what the hell there doing!

Sandy Owens: Is firing him miraculously going to make the players better?

Lisa D Liegl: I'm done. It wasn't the coach.

Kevin Clancy: Red Rover Red Rover who's the next IDIOT to come over

Bobby Jackson: Nice browns. .good luck next season. .lol what a joke of a organization. . take notes from the steelers organization

Melanie Freeman-Stewart: Oh but next year we get NEW JUMBO TRONS!!!! Browns are a JOKE! Don't bother updating anything because if you don't have anyone to fill the seats cause you don't have a freaking team worth watching then what's the point...

Will Kessel: So the Browns' brain-dead brain trust just demonstrated that they have no clue what they are doing. Period. Whether or not Chud was the "right guy" or not, you go with him for three years, win or lose, because the stability is the right thing for the club. One year and out tells potential coaches that you have no stability, no faith in the team, and absolutely NO faith in the coach. Your only faith is in the $$$ that the fans bring in. So what do you think would happen if they held their games next season - and no one attended?

Kimberly Potts: All I can say is that they better have an amazing coach waiting in the wings! Feel bad for Coach Chud! Never really got a chance!

Jeffrey Herbster: That is what the CITY of Cleveland is known for fire some one who never got a chance and keep a player that can not throw to their own team

Carol Dailey: they should have fired most of the players and kept the coach! SPEND THE MONEY AND GET SOME PLAYERS!!

Christopher T. Carraher: I expect perfection from the Cleveland Browns in 2014. I will not accept any excuses about "rebuilding" or "being in transition." To have done this, the front office better have one helluva plan for next season. If not, I say we storm Berea to tar & feather Jimmy Haslam (contingent upon him not being in federal prison).

Lesley Hamilton Carlson: Now he'll just go to a different team and win a Super Bowl.

Pat Leonti: Browns have become the laughing stock of the league.

Doug Crites: wow, who in their right mind is taking THIS job?

Chuck Kellerman: So let's see ... a new owner comes in ... he can barely wait for last season to end so he can clean house ... he picks the people HE wants to run the team ... he (correctly) says revolving head coaches and philosophies don't work and promises stability at head coach back in January when they hire Chud ... they give Chud mostly the same players as the last guy they fired coached ... he has no quarterback ... they trade away his running back ... he has one play maker on offense (a receiver who sets records via three 2nd string QB"S) .. he has a slightly above average defense that loses their best player (corner back) ... he still coaches them to 4 wins and they are competitive in several games they lose in the end ... the team is positioned in the 2014 draft to maybe, finally getting their franchise QB ... and what does the owner do? Fire the coach! This brainchild of a move from the owner whose company got busted robbing his customers via his truck stops rebate program. They should have kept the coach and fired the owner! What an idiotic move! You would think Jimmy would have learned something about team ownership from his time as a minority owner of the Steelers. But all he did was bring lip service to stability and returned the Browns to another trip on the merry go round of head coaches. Stupid move. So, so stupid. Brown's fans deserve so much better.

Michelle Standiford: Total bull s&@! move. You cannot turn a team around in just one season. They need to release Weeden. He is the biggest mistake they made in keeping him.

Adrian Tracy: Again, this team has no consistency. How do you judge a first time head coach in just 16 games? Cray cray!!

Judith Farrar: Bad bad choice.

Maxine Bates: Good-bye Cleveland Browns. You'll not get one more cent from me. Not season tickets, not merchandise, not time. You'll get what you're worth. NOTHING

Ron Tedeschi: Chud I thought you did a hell of a job.they will probably replace you with Weeden.since this organization thought he was such a great find.Cleveland Brown's suck.

Lauren Spangenberg: Maybe it's the team, not the coach...

Brian Ford: Mr. Haslam, In all seriousness I would like to know who was most responsible, who had the final say in the drafting of players and signing of free agents in 2013. There's your problem. Whomever your next head coach is, he can only field the players that have been selected. I would concentrate on that area first and foremost. As we all can see, this draft and free agency signings were absolute disasters. There was probably a reason Mike Lombardi was NOT employed by an NFL team for the better part of a decade.

Ken Eminian: Fire Banner!

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