I have not been entertained by the Cleveland Browns search to become a new team.

They finally have a head coach. Now they need assistants.

But my take: Jimmy Haslam and Joe Banner will still struggle to sell this as a great destination for coaches and players.

They're not the ones in charge.

Look at Head Coach Mike Pettine. The reports say he dictated the pace. He told the Browns to either hire him now, or he was staying in Buffalo..

Management should be in the position of power to get the guy they really want, even if it is the third, fourth or 10th choice. This shows desperation.

For coordinators, they're looking at Bill Callahan, if the Cowboys get rid of him. Not good enough in Dallas, but come to Cleveland?

LSU's Cam Cameron doesn't want the job. He told his school he was not going to move his family.

The signals were sent with the quick removal and throwing out of Chud to the corner.

How about free agents? Will they come here? It's a losing team with a head coach known to be tough. Do players really want that?

I just hope the quarterback we draft doesn't pull an Eli Manning, and demand a draft day trade like Eli did between San Diego and the Giants. That would be the ultimate slap in the face.

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